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Sandals Grande Riviera - Manor House Building

The Manor House Building at Sandals Grande Riviera Jamaica is a 4-story building and the main building of the Great House section of the resort. Guest accommodation rooms are limited to the top floor as the 3 lower floors are used for the lobby area, restuarants, Grand Ballroom, shops, and spa.

The building sits in an area of the resort elevated above sea level with oceanview rooms featuring sweeping views of the sea below. The oceanview side of the building also faces the pool area directly in front of the building. The backside of the building faces the mountains and is also where the main entrance area is located.

We usually recommend the Manor House for guests who prefer to be near the largest resort pool and want the convience of the self-contained area. This area of the resort has similar qualities of a mountain retreat, but while still maintaining close proximity to the beach area utilizing the resort's short transfer shuttle.

(M1) Great House One Bedroom Butler Suite - Separate living room and bedroom, mahogany furnishings, parquet tiled floors, 2 plasma TV's, large balcony, garden views. Butler, Concierge, and Floor 2.


(MO) Great House Ocean View Room - Features mahogany furnishings and hardwood floors, overlooks the ocean and pool area, private balcony. Floor 2.


(ML) Great House Luxury Room - Same as (MO) but with garden and mountain views.

manor house ocean view side
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Oceanview/poolview side of the building. Top floor are the accommodation rooms. 3rd floor shows the Grand Ballroom area located directly next to the main lobby area. 2nd floor is primarily used for restaurants. Ground floor is used for the spa and variouse other rooms.

manor house pool side
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Another view of the Manor House oceanview side and gardens.

manor house steps to pool
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Ocean view side with steps that lead down to the main pool area.

mountain side entrance area
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Mountain view side of the resort and the main lobby entrance area.

mountain side upper 2 floors
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mountain view side of the Manor House just shows the two upper floors.

mountain side arrival area
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Another view of the mountain view side and arrival area of the Mountain House.

manor house balcony
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Closeup view of a Manor House balcony.

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