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Sandals Grande Riviera - Riviera Section Pools

There are 4 pools within the Riviera section at Sandals Grande Riviera Jamaica - Riviera Main Pool, Beach Club Pool with swim-up bar, Garden Pool, and the Hidden Pool. All 4 pools have different atmospheres and available to all resort guests. The Great House Section has an additional 2 pools.

garden pool
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Garden Pool is usually quiet although there will be occasional game of volleyball.

riviera main pool
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Main pool within the Riviera section features a swim-up bar and is the most active pool. It is located just steps away from the beach area.

beach club pool
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Also located directly off the beach is the Beach Club pool which features a 2nd swim-up bar, lots of lounge chairs, and shaded areas.

beach club pool swim-up bar
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Another view of the Riviera Beach Club pool and swim-up bar to the right.

beach club lounge chairs
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Row of lounge chairs at the Riviera Beach Club.

beach club riviera view
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View of the Riviera Beach Club pool looking back in the direction of the Riviera Building.

beach club whirlpool
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The whirlpool at the Riviera Beach Club is located next to the pool.

whirlpool ocean view
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Beach Club whirlpool overlooks the ocean.

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