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Sandals Grande St Lucian - Beach

The beach at Sandals Grande St Lucian resort extends the full length of the resort area.  The beach overlooks Pigeon Island National Park to the northwest as well as scenic Rodney Bay featuring a mountain background and yachts anchored in the bay. Facing a westerly direction, evening sunsets are enjoyed on a daily basis.


Since the resort sits on a filled in strip of land that connects the mainland to Pigeon Island National Park, the beach is a man-made beach. As a result, the sand at the Grande is much more white compared to the natural darker volcanic impacted sands at Sandals La Toc and Sandals Halcyon.


Pigeon Island National Park
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View of the beach along with Pigeon Island National Park in the background.

Rodney Bay
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This photo shows how the beach overlooks mountains and yachts anchored in Rodney Bay.

Sandals Grande St Lucian beach
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Sandals Grande St Lucia beach extends the length of the resort.

beach umbrellas and palm trees
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Umbrellas and trees provide ample shaded areas. The resort provides beach chairs and lounges (not shown in picture).

beach lounge chairs
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This photo shows the lounge chairs that are located throughout the beach.

rondoval beach stretch
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Beach stretch in front of the eastern Rondoval section.

beach watersports area
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Photo of the water sports area. Also viewed to the right are double canopy lounge chairs which are provided in various areas along the beach stretch.

butler beach canopy
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Butler beach canopy which are complimentary to all butler level accommodations.

butler canopy
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Another view of a butler beach canopy.

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