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Sandals Grande St Lucian - Accommodation Buildings

Accommodations at Sandals Grande St Lucian are primarily located in a series of six 3 & 4-story buildings - Rodney Bay, Monchy, Massade, Cap Estate, Bonne Terre, and Pigeon Island buildings. All buildings are similar in appearance and most are interconnected together by breezeways and hallways. All buildings have elevators along with internal hallways which lead to each room. All rooms and suites have full size balconies or patios.


Accommodation Buildings:
Building 3 - Rodney Bay
Building 4 - Monchy
Building 5 - Massade
Building 6 - Cap Estate
Building 7 - Bonne Terre
Building 8 - Pigeon Island


accommodation buildings
© Unique Vacations, Inc
Front view of the resort showing the beach, main pool area, and primary accommodation buildings. Ocean is seen in the background.

Pigeon Island Building
© DML Corporation, Inc.
Front photo of the 3-story Pigeon Island building (#8) which is the building located the furthest west and near the Upper Cascade Pool.

Bonne Terre Building
© DML Corporation, Inc.
3-story Bonne Terre building (#7) which is located near the Upper and Lower Cascade pools. Notice this building includes some of the patio walkout rooms which lead directly on to the property.

Lagoon Pool and buildings
© Unique Vacations, Inc
Lagoon Pool along with buildings Rodney Bay (left), Massade (upper left), and Monchy (right).

Massade Building
© DML Corporation, Inc.
Massade building (#5) which is one of the three Lagoon Pool swim-up buildings. The Massade is the closest of the three to the main lobby area and restaurants.

Massade Building and Lagoon Pool
© DML Corporation, Inc.
Another view of the Massade Building (#5) and the Lagoon Pool area.

Lagoon Pool lounge chairs and Massade building
© DML Corporation, Inc.
View of the Lagoon Pool lounge chairs which are scattered throughout the area. In the background is the Massade Building (#5).

Rodney Bay Building
© DML Corporation, Inc.
Rodney Bay building (#3) which is a 3-story building with direct access to the Lagoon Pool.

Monchy Building
© DML Corporation, Inc.
Monchy Building (#4) is also a 3-story building and the 3rd building with direct access to the Lagoon Pool.

Internal Hallway
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Internal hallways lead to all rooms within the resort with exception of the rondoval suites which are located in stand alone villas.

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