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Sandals Grande St Lucian - Pools

Five pools and four whirlpools are featured at Sandals Grande St Lucian resort. Each pool has its own atmosphere and scenic backgrounds ranging from active to quiet. The primary pool is the Sunset Pool which also has a swim-up bar. Directly next to the main pool is the Upper & Lower Cascade Pools. Lovers Pool is a smaller quiet pool. The Lagoon Pool is set among the attractive gardens and has direct acces from the swim-up rooms.


Sunset Pool
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The Sunset Pool is the primary pool at the resort and the largest pool among the three Sandals St Lucia resorts.

Sunset Pool swim-up bar
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Closer look at the sunset pool and swim-up bar.

Sunset Pool beach
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The Sunset pool faces the beach in a southwestern direction featuring sunsets over Rodney Bay.

Sunset Pool location
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The Sunset Pool is in a very convenient location near the main lobby area and most of the restaurants. The closest accommodation building is the Cap Estate building.

Upper Cascade Pool
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The Upper Casade pool is on the bottom of the photo and connects directly to the Lower Cascade Pool underneath the walking bridge. The Sunset Pool is directly next to the Lower Cascade Pool.

Upper and Lower Cascade Pools
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Another view of the Upper Cascade Pool to the right, Lower Cascade Pool in the middle, and Sunset Pool to the left.

Upper Cascade Pool gardens
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Closer look at the Upper Cascade Pool.

Upper Cascade Pool whirlpool
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Upper Cascade Pool along with one of the resort four whirlpools.

Lovers Pool
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The quiet Lovers Pool and whirlpool provides an alternative to the more active pools.

Lovers Pool couples
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A couple enjoying Lovers Pool.

Lovers Pool lounge chairs
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A more updated view of Lovers Pool as Sandals added some shade umbrellas.

Lagoon Pool
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A look at the quiet Lagoon Pool which runs along three accommodation buildings and the ground floor swim-up rooms.

Lagoon Pool and ROdney Bay Building
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Lagoon Pool along with the Rodney Bay Building directly to the left.

Lagoon Pool gardens
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Closer look at the Lagoon Pool and attractive garden areas creating a relaxing atmosphere and retreat.

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