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Sandals Halcyon - Sue's Piano Bar

Sue's Piano Bar at Sandals Halcyon St Lucia is an enclosed air conditioned lounge located near the main lobby area. Opened nightly from 8:30pm-3am, the lounge includes a bar, sofa sitting areas, flat screen TV, and piano player featuring favorites and requested tunes. Also featured is the 'Wall of Fame' containing photos of guests who have visited the resort at least 5 times. The 'Ultra Hall of Fame' features guests who have visited at least 10 times.

Sandals Halycon Sue's Piano Bar
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A view of the bar to the left, lounge area, and section of the 'Wall of Fame' featuring photos of return guests.

Halcyon piano bar lounge area
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Seating around the piano and lounge area.

Sue's Piano Bar
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View of the bar area.

Sandals Halcyon Wall of Fame
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Piano with the flat screen TV and 'Wall of Fame' in the background along with the 'Ultra Hall of Fame' to the right.

Sandals Halcyon Piano Bar.
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Another view of the piano and bar area.

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