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Sandals Halcyon - Sunset Pool & Swim-up Bar

The Sunset Pool is the primary pool at Sandals Halcyon St Lucia. The pool serves as a resort focal point located along the beach in the primary resort area near the Irie Bar, Bayside Restaurant, Pier Restaurant, and lobby area. With a lively atmosphere often accompanied by music, the Sunset Pool is the more active pool compared to the quieter Paradise Pool. The Sunset Bar which is the main swim-up bar at the resort is open 10am-5:30pm. During the evening, you will find guests relaxing in the pool while enjoying the sun set in the western direction directly over the sea. All Sandals pools have 24-hour access.

Sunset Pool and swim-up bar
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Photo of the Sunset Pool and swim-up bar.

Sunset Pool and ocean background
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Sunset Pool from another angle showing the beach and ocean in the background.

Sunset Pool Bar
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Closer look at the Sunset Pool Bar which is the primary swim-up bar at Sandals Halcyon.

Sunset pool whirlpool and Pier Restaurant
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Sunset Pool Whirlpool along with the ocean and The Pier Restaurant in the background

Bayside Restaurant dinner setting
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Another view of the Sunset Pool whirlpool with the pool and the Irie Bar in the background.

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