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Sandals La Toc - Beach

The beach at Sandals La Toc St Lucia is a semi coved beach which faces westward over the Caribbean sea and featuring daily sunsets. 

sandals la toc beach
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Sandals La Toc Regency beach is a large coved beach facing the open Caribbean. Wave action is typically very mild under normal weather conditions.

la toc beach main section
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The beach is located directly in front of the primary accommodation buildings, most of the restaurants, and main section of the resort. The Choiseul, Soufriere, and Esperance accommodation buildings as well as the main pool are seen in the photo. In the background towards the left is the 9-hole golf course which meanders into the hillside.

beach southward view from above
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The beach extends from the north (bottom) down past the main resort area to the south and ends near the Sunset Water's Edge Villas. Sandals provides numerous lounge chairs and shade coverings although they are not included in many of these photos.

beach northward view
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A view of the beach looking northward. To the lower right is the quiet Pitons Pool.

southward beach view ground level
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Another view of the beach looking southward.

view of beach from bluff area
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View of the beach looking down from the bluff resort area. This photo reflects guest activity on a typical day.

pool area proximity to beach
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Photo shows proximity of the main pool area to the beach. Also note the resort bluff area seen to the right and its relative proximity to the beach area.

beach view from above resort area
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View of the beach from above the resort area.

beach activity and lounge chairs
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This photo reflects typical activity on the beach. Notice the lounge chairs and plenty of space to enjoy. To the right are the Honeymoon Oceanview Villas (blue) and the Sunset Water's Edge Villas (yellow).

sandals la toc beach cabana
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Beach canopies overlooking the ocean.

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