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Sandals Royal Bahamian - Mainland Beach

Sandals Royal Bahamian is located along a section of Cable Beach which serves as the resort's mainland beach. The beach is divided into two sections by the resort's pier - Balmoral and Windsor sections. The Windsor section tends to be the more active section as that is where the watersports activities are located. In addition, the Windsor section sits directly in front of the Windsor pool which is the more active of the resort's two main pools. Both sections are in close proximity to the accommodation buildings, pools, and restaurants. Sandals has invested significantly resulting in tremendous improvements to the beach over the last few years.

sandals royal bahamian beach
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The Balmoral beach section is the longer of the two mainland beach sections.

balmoral beach section
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Looking down the Balmoral beach section.

balmoral beach and pier
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View of the Balmoral beach section looking towards the pier.

windsor beach tiki huts
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Section of beach in front of the Windsor building. Watersports area including the catamarans, hydrobike, and kayaks are maintained at the far end of this section.

windsor beach and water sports
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Another look at the western end of the beach in front of the Windsor Building. This photo is a bit out of date as they added tiki huts at the end of 2012 as shown in the previous photo.

windsor beach surf and waves
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Another look at the Windsor beach section. Surf at this beach is less active in general as compared to other parts of the island.

sandals royal bahamian beach deck
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Located on the decks overlooking the beach are lounge areas and fire pits attracting guests at night.

sandals royal bahamian hammocks
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A series of hammocks are located directly next to Balmoral Tower and overlooking the ocean.

sandals royal bahamian beach volleyball
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The resort has a dedicated beach volleyball area.

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