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Sandals Royal Bahamian - Entrance

Sandals Royal Bahamian resort entrance features a stoned entrance roadway and signature statues.
The resort is located approx 15 minutes from the airport. One of the unique amenities at Sandals Royal Bahamian is that all butler level accommodations include private luxury transfer often in the resort's Rolls Royce.

sandals royal bahamian entrance
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Sandals Royal Bahamian main entrance.

royal bahamian entrance view
© DML Corporation, Inc.
Closer look at the main entrance area.

royal bahamian entrance gate
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The entrance area is secured and gated with security.

royal bahamian entrance road
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Main entrance road. The resort's gift shop is seen on the left.

sandals royal bahamian gift shop
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Entrance to the resort's gift shop which is located in the resort's entrance area.

entrance view looking towards gift shop
© DML Corporation, Inc.
A view from the entrance looking down towards the gift shop and the road that leads out through the entrance gate.

entrance view looking towards statues
© DML Corporation, Inc.
A look at the statues at the end of the entrance road.

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