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Sandals Royal Plantation - Accommodation Building

The accommodation building at Sandals Royal Plantation Jamaica is divided into two sections - east and west wings. All suites have ocean views with most having direct beach section views.

The east wing has 3 floors with the 1st floor room hallway connecting directly off the lobby area. Steps lead to 2nd and 3rd floor rooms. There is no elevator in the east wing. East wing suites have views of the ocean, east beach section, and some with views of Villa Plantana.

The west wing has 4 floors and has elevator service. Suites in the west wing have views of the ocean and west beach section.

resort accommodation building
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The east wing is the section to the left of the pier, west wing to the right.

east wing garden views
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Back side of the east wing facing the resort gardens. External hallways lead to the suites.

east wing hallway
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A view of an east wing hallway overlooking the gardens.

french balcony
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Close up view of a french balcony.

full balcony
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View of a west wing penthouse balcony.

west wing beach views
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Thewest wing and beach area.

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