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Sandals Royal Plantation - Gardens

Located in Ocho Rios Jamaica, Sandals Royal Plantation is known for its lush gardens and tropical foliage. Located on a coral bluff, the resorts winding walkways and scenic overviews offer some of the best views in Jamaica.

entrance gardens
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Gardens near the resort entrance

east wing gardens
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Garden area in front of the east accommodation wing

beach connection pathway
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Walkway that connects both beach sections

resort foliage
© Unique Vacations, Inc
Photo from above which gives a sense of the area tropical foliage

terrace gardens
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Terrace area overlooking the ocean along with straircase which winds around down to the beach.

spa area gardens
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Front area of the resort near the spa

steps looking down
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Looking down the steps that take you from the terrace area down to the east beach area.

east beach steps
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East beach area with steps that take you up the terraces and main resort area. The path on the right connects the east and west beach sections.

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