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Sandals Whitehouse - Bayside Restaurant

The Bayside Restaurant is the primary restaurant at Sandals Whitehouse serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Indoor and outdoor seating available. Breakfast 7:30-10am (buffet & made-to-order). Lunch 12:30-2:30pm (buffet & made-to-order), dinner 6:30-9:30pm (a la carte), late night snacks 10:30pm-5am. Resort casual, non-smoking.

bayside reception
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Bayside Restaurant patio area dressed up for a reception.

bayside dinner setup
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Inside the Bayside Restaurant set for dinner.

bayside patio ocean view
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Bayside Restaurant patio area overlooks the ocean.

bayside piazza area
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The Bayside Restaurant patio area is part of the Italian Piazza.

bayside main entrance
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A look at the patio area and the main entrance to the restaurant.

bayside patio
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Patio area along with main pool area through the trees in the background.

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