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Sandals Whitehouse - Beach

Sandals Whitehouse Resort has a 2-mile beachstretch making it one of the most desirable beach destinations in Jamaica. The beach spreads throughout the entire resort with areas in front of all three accommodation villages. Located in a secluded location of Jamaica, this is a very private beach with no through traffic that you might see at some of the other beaches.

sandals jamaica top beach
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Nice section of beach which illustrates how Sandals Whitehouse has one of the top beaches among the Sandals Resorts.

shady beach view
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Sandals provides relaxing beach chairs and plenty of shade.

beach and sandals whitehouse dock
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Row of beach chairs and the resort boat dock in the background.

sandals whitehouse beach lounge chairs
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Another row of lounge chairs. The beach is very large with plenty of room for all guests.

sandals whitehouse beach westward view
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Looking down the beach in westward direction.

distant westward beach view
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Another westward view towards the end of the beach area.

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