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Sandals Whitehouse - Resort Gardens & Grounds

Located on flat grounds with no significant step climbing, Sandals Whitehouse features large patio areas and gardens throughout the property. Walkways connect the main resort area to the Italian, Dutch, and French Village accommodation areas. Within Jamaica, Whitehouse is the 2nd largest Sandals property after Sandals Grande Riviera.

lobby building area
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Fountain and the main lobby building in the background.

fountain in front of lobby building
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Fountain directly in front of the main lobby building.

fountain and main pool
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A look at the fountain with the main pool in the background.

fountain close up view
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Closer look at the fountain.

caberet area
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Area in front of the caberet.

behind accommodation building
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Inland side behind one of the accommodation buildings. 

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Guests use the walkways behind the accommodation building to get to the main resort area and the restaurants. All buildings are within walking distance with the French Village being the furthest from the main resort area.

walkway bridge
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One of the walkway bridges.

direction sign
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A directional sign along the walkways.

foot bridge
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Another one of the foot bridges.

walkway gardens
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Some of the gardens seen along the walkways.

resort gardens
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Gardens are found throughout the resort area.

accommodation building bridge
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Foot bridge leading to one of the accommodation buildings.

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